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Best rental service available

  • Our hosts provide high quality vehicles with affordability in mind. With 15 cars to choose from each box, the perfect car is in there! Cars that are rented on our service are generally 30% cheaper than traditional rental companies.
  • With instant bookings, availability is around-the-clock. Because of our contactless service, It’s the best way to receive cars during the pandemic.
  • We partner with experienced mechanics and automotive companies if in case your trip has a bump. Provide us the information and we’ll fill out the details and discuss with insurance services to save both guests and hosts the headache.

A greenclick Valet Box in every parking lot in America.

  • We believe that everyone should have access to cars, and with the Valet Box, we can do just that. We want to install our Valet Boxes in apartments for residents to share cars, hospitals for medical workers and family members who stay for a prolonged amount of time, and college students who travel to farther places, among many other examples.
  • Once we establish a car rental system with guests and hosts that love our service, we want to establish a network of Valet Boxes across the nation to launch our car sharing service. We believe it’s the middleman between privately owned vehicles, and a public shuttle service.
  • In turn we can decongest traffic in cities, change the direction of climate change, make cars accessible to everyone and change the future of mobility forever.
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