Rent a car Directly at the hotel.

Worlds first 24/7 car rental service. no more lines. no more waiting. completing the end to end vacation experience for guests.
Valet Box

How it works


Set the date and location to find local Valet Boxes on our app to browse from our quality assortment of vehicles provided by our hosts. Instantly book your car and receive your secure code.

Valet Box

When you arrive to the Greenclick Valet Box, tap on our easy to use touchscreen and click ‘Pickup My Car’. Enter the secure code, confirm your profile, and finish signing up by confirming your fingerprint!

Enjoy Your Trip!

Once you finish signup, the individual key compartment will automatically unlatch and you will be able to receive your keys, in addition to a garage pass. Follow the location information provided and enjoy your trip!

Once you finish your profile, you’ll now have access to use every Greenclick Valet box in the nation! 

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